Call Before You Dig

The following information provided by Okie 811:

It’s extremely important that everyone play a part in protecting our underground utility infrastructure from damages that can cause service outages.  More people are working from home and rely heavily on their electricity, telecommunications, gas, water and sewer.  So be a good neighbor and follow these steps:

  1. Plan your Digging Project – be sure to allow more than 3 business days to have lines located, expect possible delays.
  2. Dial 811 or Submit a Ticket Online – OKIE811 is fully staffed and operational and will process your locate request upon receipt.
  3. Wait until ALL lines are Located – locators may be experiencing stretched or reduced workforces which may impact their time in locating your worksite. Please do not begin digging until your worksite has been FULLY marked.
  4. Respect the Locators Marks – If your work area extends beyond the original area you requested to have marked, request another locate. This isn’t the time to fudge and think digging a few inches beyond the marks won’t matter.
  5. White Line your Work Area – Locators can do their work more concisely and timely and worksite damages are reduced when you outline your proposed work area with white paint or flags.

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