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Meter Base
Mounting Spec

Prior to Cimarron Electric Cooperative, Inc. (the Cooperative) constructing to, connecting to, or energizing with electrical current, the permanent service on a structure, the member shall have provided a proper grounding means to earth at the service point (metering location) and/or service disconnecting means (fused switch or load center with service disconnect/main over-current device).

The proper grounding means shall be installed in a manner as provided by the latest edition of NFPA-70 National Electrical Code; Article 250, as adopted by the State of Oklahoma (59 O.S. 1000.23)(Title 748:20-9-1), or local Authority Having Jurisdiction (Title 748, Chapter 15 of the Oklahoma Administrative Code).

The meter enclosure shall be permanently and rigidly mounted to the structure or a manufactured support acceptable to the Cooperative.

The meter enclosure shall be mounted with a maximum height of five feet six inches (5’ 6”) to the top of the meter enclosure, and a minimum of thirty inches (30”) to the bottom of the meter enclosure.

The load side terminals of the meter socket shall be wired to the main disconnecting means prior to the Cooperative constructing to, connecting to, or energizing with electrical current.

Underground conduit “stub-outs” with electrical conduit sweep bends shall extend a minimum of two feet (2” 0”) past any concrete covering or barrier at a thirty inch (30”) minimum depth to the top of the conduit.



Made of galvanized pipe, uni strut of a like rigid material. WOOD IS UNACCEPTABLE.