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Capital Credits

What are Capital Credits?

Capital Credits are part of "The Cooperative Difference"

Unlike investor-owned utility companies that strive to generate profits for shareholders, electric cooperatives like Cimarron Electric operate on an at-cost basis. Any profits made by Cimarron Electric—referred to as margins—are returned to you, the co-op member. Your share of these margins is called Capital Credits.

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Capital Credits F.A.Q.

Returning capital credits is a two-step process:

Step One: Allocation
First, an allocation determines each member’s share of the cooperative’s margin for a given year. Margins are allocated—or assigned—to members who purchased electricity from the cooperative during the year. The co-op keeps a permanent record of each member’s capital credit account, which is where the allocated amount remains until it is paid—or “retired.”

Step Two: Retirement
After reviewing the financial health of the cooperative, the board of trustees may declare a retirement, at which time all or part of each member’s allocated amount is paid. Cimarron Electric uses a first-in, first-out method (FIFO), meaning earlier years are paid before later years. Cimarron Electric has retired capital credits for all years through 2000.

Capital credits are a significant source of equity for most electric cooperatives. Equity is used to help meet the operating expenses of the co-op, such as paying for new equipment to serve members and repaying debt.

Sometimes, Cimarron does not have a good address for a member and therefore does not mail a check. Other times, for whatever reason, a check will go uncashed. This money is considered “unclaimed.” A list of “unclaimed” capital credits is available below. Members or heirs to members on this list should contact for more information on claiming these credits. 

Unclaimed Credits

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How do I claim my credits?

Email or call during business hours and ask for Ashley. Ashley will walk you through claiming your capital credits.