Request For Proposals Material For Federally Funded Project

Cimarron Electric Cooperative, Inc. (Cimarron) is soliciting proposals from vendors experienced and pre-qualified in providing Electric Distribution Utility Materials and Services as part of a federally funded project utilizing one or more suppliers. The overall goal of the program is to minimize total costs for Cimarron’s member consumers. Cimarron identifies this overall project will be divided into smaller projects at the substation and will last approximately 3 years based on federal approval of the sub grants.
Cimarron is hereby contacting prospective vendors who have an interest or are known to also do business relevant to this Request for Proposal (RFP). All interested individuals or firms who were not contacted are invited to submit a proposal in accordance with the conditions and dates set forth herein. Respondents must register to bid.
All interested parties may contact CEC via email at with questions. Interested Parties must submit their intent to submit at the Cimarron Electric Cooperative website by July 31, 2023.
Upon receipt of each Respondent’s Bid Registration confirmation, the RFP and Cimarron’s material list requested for bid will be provided. A defined inventory list for quoting material costs will also be provided in order for the Cooperative to compare submittals.
CEC will be accepting proposals through August 21, 2023.
Cimarron ensures that small business enterprises (SBE), minority business enterprises (MBE) and women’s business enterprises (WBE) are used to the fullest extent possible. Cimarron Electric Cooperative will require that each bidder fully comply with the requirements, terms, and conditions of the Federal policy 2 CFR part 215 and award a fair share of sub-agreements to SBE’s, MBE’s, and WBE’s. Each respondent commits itself to taking affirmative actions contained herein, prior to submission of proposal assuring that SBE’s, MBE’s, and WBE’s are solicited whenever they are potential sources of goods or services.

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