CEC Board Approves Redistricting

Cooperatives are founded on the ideals of democracy. 

Second Cooperative Principle: Every member plays an integral role in making decisions that affect the organization as a whole. Providing a democratic structure ensures all members have a fair stake in the organization and that their opinions and observations are considered. 

Cimarron Electric Cooperative’s board of directors recently approved a revised district map (see below).

This redistricting, or rebalancing, of director seats was needed to ensure members maintain fair and equal representation. Growth in portions of Cimarron’s service territory necessitated these changes. While the physical size of the districts might not look “even,” the actual number of members in each district is more equal. 

You can find your CEC Board District number on your monthly electric bill in the upper right hand portion, next to your substation number. You can also see the district maps on the Board of Trustees page of this site. 

Cimarron Electric Cooperative’s board consists of nine directions, each elected to represent a district designated on the map. The number of board seats will not change, just the number of members in each district will be adjusted to make sure that each district has the proper representation for the number of memberships being represented. 

This is the third time Cimarron Electric Cooperative has revised its districts since 2008. It was a lengthy process and the board was careful to balance the need for updates along with a growing and ever-changing membership. 

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