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Robert Cannon Retires After 44 Yrs!



Robert and Beverly Cannon



Robert Cannon was born in Kingfisher; his family moved to OK City and then back to Kingfisher.  Mowing lawns was Robert’s first job with pay. It felt good to make people happy and do a good job. It was a feeling that Robert would repeat thousands of times for Cimarron Electric Members.


Robert graduated high school in Kingfisher as well as his best friend, Beverly Fisher. Robert recalls that he was working at a local gas station and a Cimarron employee named Ralph Schroeder would come get gas and encouraged Robert to apply for a job. Robert did and began working for Cimarron on December 6th, 1971, as a ground hand, learning to be a lineman. Robert said he was given a belt and climbing hooks and was promised a 20 cent an hour raise if he could climb poles.


Well the rest is history; Robert and Beverly were married and were blessed with two kids, Melissa (Missy) and Ricky.  Robert could climb, got the raise and spent the next 44 years making people happy and doing a good job. Over the years Robert has been a ground hand, lineman, Journeyman Lineman, District Lineman and the Western District Supervisor! Robert has worked for all 5 of Cimarron Electric Cooperative’s Managers.  In addition to the different titles Robert has held, he has also served on various safety, policy and improvement committees.


Robert said, “ I was looking for a job and it turned into a passion to help people.  I also serve as a volunteer fireman. In both jobs, it almost always gets better for the folks when we show up.”


Robert wants to say thanks to all the fine folks in the Fairview, Isabella and Okeene areas. When we moved into this area as the District Lineman, these folks have been so nice to work for. I couldn’t have asked for better, hard working, caring Christian people to raise my family around and be a part of the community. Through thick and thin, life and loss, they have been true friends and so good to us.


Robert has seen a lot of change in the past 44 years. He said, “The equipment is so much better and takes a lot of the physical strain off of the linemen.  The advances in communications amaze me. The phones, I-pads and computers allow us to do things we never dreamed of in the old days.  The attention we now pay to safety is wonderful. The number one goal is for everyone to return home to his or her families after work.  When I first started 44 years ago, electricity and reliability was a luxury. Now it has transitioned into a necessity that we can’t live without.”


Even through all the advancements we’ve seen over the years, you still need a lineman to get the electricity to the home or get it back on. Robert said,” I wouldn’t trade my life and my relationships with employees, members and friends for nothing. It’s been great. I love what I’ve done.”

When asked what he plans to do in retirement, Robert replied that he looks forward to not being rushed and getting to tend his cow/calf operation during the week. He looks forward to more fishing and to spend more time with Beverly traveling on their motorcycle. Robert loves his O.U. Sooners and plans to still support them in his retirement. He also would like to continue to volunteer in Special Olympics as he has done during his time at Cimarron Electric Cooperative.


All of us are going to miss Robert Cannon.  We are thankful for the many years of service he has given to Cimarron Electric.  We are thankful that Ralph Schroeder encouraged Robert to apply for a job. We’re especially thankful that Robert was able to climb the poles to make his part in the history of Cimarron Electric possible.  

Thank you, Robert.


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