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Geo Rebates

The 2018 Geothermal Rebate Program is continuing with the same great geo rebates that were offered in 2017.  Western Farmers Electric Cooperative (WFEC) is doing a 2 for 1 rebate match with Cimarron Electric and their 20 other distribution cooperatives for 2018.


This rebate program is designed to promote efficient use of energy with the long-term goal of reducing approximately 30 megawatts (MW) of future capacity.


Geothermal Units are great to reduce demands for both summer and winter peak times!


WFEC is offering a $700.00 per ton rebate for Cimarron members who install geothermal (Geo) in their homes. Cimarron Electric will participate with a $350.00 per ton rebate for our members! Combined, this $1,050.00 per ton is the most ever paid for installing a geothermal system for the first time. An additional $225 ($150 WFEC, $75 CEC) for 1 Geothermal unit with a desuperheater. If you are replacing a geothermal unit with a new geothermal unit, the rebate is $375 per ton. The new geothermal unit needs to have a 3.0 EER increase over the old geo unit.




How does the Program work?

1. You have to be a Cimarron Electric Member and your home or business has to be served by us.

2. Your Heat/Air Contractor has to do a Manual J Load Calculation on your home (unless replacing an old geo unit), and provide the paper work.

3. Your Heat/Air Contractor has to identify old equipment replaced (unless it's in a new home). Your new Geo has to meet minimum specs of 15.9 EER (Full load or 2nd stage) cooling and a 3.3 COP heating. The rebate is a 2 for 1 match up to $1050/ ton. ($700/WFEC & $350 Cimarron Electric) You have to provide an invoice of the installation.

4. If Replacing an old Geo with a new one, it has to meet a minimum efficiency increase of 3.0 EER Cooling and 3.3 COP. The rebate is a 2 to 1 match with $250/ton from WFEC and $125/ton from Cimarron Electric.

5. Paperwork and signatures must be completed on a timely basis between Cimarron Electric, our member’s buying the geothermal equipment and the installing contractors. 

6.  We have to do a manual inspection of the Geothermal equipment installed.



You can choose your heat and air contractor and the brand of geothermal system you want installed. Just stress the importance of providing information of previous equipment, manual j load calculation and efficiency specifications on new equipment. All have to be signed and turned in before rebate checks can be issued.

Rebate Forms are available to be printed and filled out under the Geothermal Rebates heading or click Rebate Forms here.



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