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CEO Snowden gives Co-op Update

In his annual State of the Co-op address, Cimarron Electric CEO, Mark Snowden had plenty to talk about.


He reported that we are in a very unique area that is quite opposite of other electric cooperatives in Oklahoma. Because of the oil and gas investments, we are experiencing growth that is unsurpassed in 

Cimarron’s history. 


In a year that has been slow in electrical sales for co-ops in our state, Cimarron leads all of our sister cooperatives in increased Kwh sales. All of the 17 WFEC electric co-ops in Oklahoma experienced reductions in Kwh sales except for Cimarron Electric and two others. Western Farmers Electric Co-op is our power supplier.Even with this years mild weather, we are having record electricity sales.


In the past, our largest electricity users were  residential members. We have always been small, compared to other electric cooperatives, 

in total electricity sales. Those numbers are changing.


Who we Serve


*   In 1999, 63% Residential, 37% Commercial. 

*   In 2017, 44% Residential, 56% Commercial.


Snowden encouraged & thanked the employees for doing a great job in these busy times. We had a record # of new service work orders in 2016. 2017 is beating that number by 23% when looking at year to date numbers.


In addition to our regular CEC employees, we have 118 outside contractor personnel working to engineer, stake, clear right-of-way and construct line.


We are reinvesting revenue into building new infrastructure and expanding our operations and technology.


Three new substations will come on line this year. Our ability to serve more services and back feed lines during storms will be increased.


We will be expanding some of our buildings and grounds. We are experiencing growing pains and are planning new and better ways to serve our members. Mark Snowden concluded by saying it is an exciting time and a privilege to be able to work  at Cimarron Electric Cooperative.






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