Metering Electricity

One area of your co-op that has probably changed the most over the years is the Metering Department. In the beginning, we had mechanical meters that members would read themselves, write the readings down, and send in the mail. Today we have mechanical meters, digital meters, and demand meters, etc. that not only read and record information, but can communicate that information over the electrified power lines! This ability to communicate information over the lines is called Power Line Carrier Technology (PLCT).

The metering department has the responsibility to accurately meter and record each member’s electrical usage. We test meters and provide information about usage. We have done a very accurate and professional job in these areas in the past and continue to do so. But now we do so much more!

New technology is absolutely amazing and provides much better information than was previously available. This new technology began around a decade ago when Cimarron began installing the first communicating meters. It was the first phase implemented and completed in the A.M.R. (Automated Meter Reading) system. It was revolutionary in the fact that it used the high voltage power lines to communicate or send the meter readings in! This PLCT method is so much better than other meter reading methods. Some utilities contract meter readers who have to drive to every meter each month. It is also better than the radio frequency meters (RF) that some utilities’ are using.

This meter reading system using electric wires to communicate is becoming more important every day. It is allowing us to provide and receive better information. It allows us to reduce costs and respond quickly to problems.

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